In 2021, the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Novo Holdings increased their focus on researchers and companies working with ideas and products that advance the green transition.

Case 01 BioMASON

Biomason is the leading company in the world using biology to produce cement commercially. Since 2012, we’ve used natural microorganisms to grow structural Biocement® in ambient temperatures, harnessing the power of biotechnology to reinvent traditional cement and offer a more planet-friendly alternative.

bioMASON, Inc. is a unique biomaterials startup whose technology provides a better solution for reducing the CO2 emissions generated by global masonry manufacturing.

Case 02 Mycoworks

MycoWorks is a San Francisco-based materials company focused on the development and manufacturing of sustainable products. The company’s first product, Reishi ™, is the first non-plastic, non-animal material that performs like leather.

With its exciting and unique manufacturing platform, MycoWorks meets this criterion perfectly, offering a unique product where we can add value towards the scaling and commercialisation of this technology.

Case 03 AMSilk

AMSilk GmbH, headquartered in Neuried near Munich, is the world’s first industrial supplier of smart biotech materials based on silk proteins. We are a team of more than 70 ambitious and talented individuals from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds who are pushing boundaries in the field of bio-based materials

As an innovation-driven company we are dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies for the production and commercialisation of next generation materials.

Case 04 Lanzatech

LanzaTech’s carbon recycling technology is like retrofitting a brewery onto an emission source like a steel mill or a landfill site, but instead of using sugars and yeast to make beer, pollution is converted by bacteria to fuels and chemicals.

Imagine a day when your plane is powered by recycled GHG emissions, when your shampoo bottle started life as emissions from a steel mill. This future is possible today using LanzaTech technology.