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Providing expansion capital to high growth life science companies

What we do

We invest in highly innovative, scalable life science companies that have recently reached, or are close to, the commercial stage, with strong long-term potential.

The combination of our long-term capital and sector expertise position us as an investor of choice for growth companies in the life science sector.


We are an engaged investor in, and a partner to life science companies at the leading edge of innovation.

We invest in companies harnessing the transformative power of biology and technology. In particular, we focus on investments in clinical diagnostics, industrial biotechnology, biologics supply chain, and healthcare IT.

We leverage our deep scientific knowledge, operational expertise and global network for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

We manage evergreen capital, which allows us to have a longer-term horizon and be a true partner dedicated to enabling our portfolio companies to fulfil their potential.

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Meet our team

We are a dedicated growth equity team with strong industry and scientific knowledge and experience, based in San Francisco.

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