Capital Investments

We are fundamental value-driven investors

We seek to

Generate attractive long-term returns

Own high-quality assets

Establish long-term partnerships

We operate with

Business acumen




Our decisions are based on

A rigorous due diligence process

Independent thinking

Continuous learning

Morten Beck Jørgensen

“Our purpose is to help balance the risk/return profile of the investment portfolio of the Novo Nordisk Foundation.”

Morten Beck Jørgensen

Managing Partner, Capital Investments

Capital Investments key figures


Of the Investment Portfolio allocated to Capital Investments at the end of 2023


Assets under management at year-end 2023


Portfolio generated profit in 2023

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Meet our team

We are a focused team with streamlined decision making and we are quick to respond to investment opportunities when they arise. The team consists of experienced investment professionals from a diverse set of investment backgrounds.

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