Investment area

Planetary Health Investments



Date of investment

March 2021

Bactolife was established in 2017 by a group of senior executives from the biotech industry together with top scientific talents, with the aim of adding a new approach to improving gastrointestinal health for animals and humans in a manner that is safe, cost efficient, and does not create antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Bactolife has developed a pipeline of projects within animal and human health based on its VIPTM technology where specially designed proteins protect the microbiome by inactivation of pathogenic virulence factors leaving the healthy microbiome intact.

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Aleks Engel


Department: Planetary Health Investments

Aleks joined Novo Holdings A/S in 2014 and is Partner in the Planetary Health Investments team.
Aleks also leads Novo Holdings’ REPAIR Impact Fund targeting antimicrobial resistance.

Prior to joining Novo Holdings, Aleks was employed as VP in Baxter International in Illinois and Shanghai, working with global M&A licensing, growth strategies, investment prioritization and go-to-market planning. Other previous employments include Pfizer Global Research and Development, Thomson Scientific & Healthcare and McKinsey & Company (all U.S.A.).

Aleks holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and a MSc in Chemical Engineering Practice from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.