Francis Cuss

Board of Directors
Board Member

Member of the Board since 2017.

Francis Cuss was born in 1954 and is a dual national of both the United Kingdom and the United States. He received a BA in Natural Sciences, MB, BChir and MA from Cambridge University. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. Francis Cuss began his career in clinical medicine and research in the United Kingdom.

Francis Cuss has over 35 years of clinical experience across the pharmaceutical industry. In 1986 he started at GlaxoSmithKline plc (then Glaxo Inc.), UK and United States, as a Director in Pulmonary Clinical Research. From 1989, Francis Cuss worked at the Schering-Plough Research Institute where he held several positions in Discovery and Development, eventually becoming Senior Vice President of Early Clinical Research & Experimental Medicine. Francis Cuss joined Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development in 2003, first working as Senior Vice President of Discovery and later as Senior Vice President for all of Research and Early Development. In 2010, he joined the company’s senior management team. In 2013, he was appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Research & Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, retiring in 2017.

Other Board Positions and Management Duties:

  • Chair and Board Member, the Board of Trustees for Montclair State University in New Jersey, United States
  • Board Member, Rubius Therapeutics Inc., United States
  • Board Member, Glympse Bio, United States